Thursday, May 31, 2012

[Podcast] 100th Post Celebration

Yes, that is a Perfume poster.
Whoo yeah! Post number one hundred! I'm pretty excited, guys, cause I've never done 100 of anything (especially not push-ups), so this is something special. Just want to say thanks to everybody checking out the blog, retweeting my stuff on Twitter, and writing about the blog. It all means so much to me. I'll try to keep this going as long as I can (as you can see above, I'm old as fuck and will probably keel over any second now).

So what is this? It's a podcast. Not too long, just 6 songs and some rambling by me. Hopefully you'll find some new bands on here that you'll go search out and buy their stuff, cause these bands are more current than the usual old fogey stuff I post. This one is mostly screamo stuff, so if you follow this blog you will probably like at least ONE thing on here, if not everything.

Anyways, here's the tracklist. Enjoy the podcast. Please leave feedback!!

1. The Cops Are Inside Us - Price Of Tomorrow
2. High Tension Sex Girl - 共生虫
3. The Urban Department of Monotone - 憂き夜
4. The World Was Lost - omoimeguru
5. Zdzis Law - Compass
6. Ricolt - もう会うこともなく


  1. awesome! keep up the great work! i come here often and learn so much. cant wait for post #200!

  2. You are a genius! Thank you so much. Discovered Ricolt recently. Keeping the Nitro/Dipleg sound alive!