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Distros/Online Stores:
102 Distribution
A Way Distribution
Alcatrize Records
Automatic City Distro
Blue September Blue Distro
Call My Name Records
CCJ Records
Delta Market
Disk Shop Misery
FAB Records
FND Online
Friend of Mine Records
Further Platonix Distro
Go Forward Keep Records
Hyper Enough Records
Ignorant Scene Distribution
Irregular Rhythm Asylum
Ishizue Music
Kikai Distro
Liberal Remaster Distro
Long Legs Long Arms
Morale is Low Distro
Mortar Records
MNM Distro
Nano Distro
Nat Records
November Distro
Olive Distro
Record Shop BASE
Senseless Records
STM Online
Sunday Worst Enemy Distro
Ten-Twenty Distro
Tomorrows Gone Magazine & Distro
Waterslide Records

Japanese Labels:
3rd Records
5B Records
Alliance Trax
ASYL Records
Cosmic Note
Death Blow Music myspace
Echoboy Records
Endless/Nameless Collective
Fade-In Records
Fine Tuning! Records myspace
Flower of Carnage
Grok Plastique
Handa & Company
HG Fact
Hope Records
Impulse Records
Imomushi Records
Iscollagecollective myspace
Last Fort Records
Liberation of Butterfly
Love Over Voltage Records bandcamp
Love the Fate Records
MCR Company myspace
nor thmall lab bandcamp
Not Superstitious Records
Oto Records myspace
Out Ta Bomb Records
Say Hello To Never Records
Secreta Trades
Shining April Records myspace
Slow Records myspace
Sonzai Records
Squirrel Fox Records
Step Up Records myspace
Stiff Slack myspace
Stiffeen Records
Straight-Up Records
Thing Thing Thing! Records myspace
Too Circle Records
Valse Hot
Versus Horse Recordings
Waterslide Records
Zankyo Record bandcamp
Zero Dimensional Records bandcamp

Foreign Labels:
Day After Records
Dog Knights Production myspace
I've Come For Your Children
Keep It Together Records
Salvation Records
Temporary Residence Limited
Transduction Records

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