Monday, April 2, 2012

Balloons - 9:40 p.m. [2003]

Sorry this is so late. I kind of had a different idea for releases this week before deciding on the current theme but... whatever.

If you're not familiar with them, this is Balloons first album. They have members of 3cm tour (the bassist, I think), [Update: I don't think this is true. I looked at the members of both bands and there aren't any matching names in the credits. Now I can't even remember where I heard this.] and maybe some other bands. My memory's fuzzy and the internet is useless for that kind of stuff.

Anyways, some really smooth math-rocky emo with good sung vocals. This stuff is just nice. Reminds me of No Knife a bit, but like I wrote earlier, just about everything in Japan does. Balloons is really, really good. If you like almost anything that isn't white noise, country, or porno grind, then you will probably like Balloons. Check it out!

1. Anonymity
2. Is This Really the Way It Is
3. Einige Dinge Die Ich Weiss
4. Measly Arguments
5. Last Front
6. Go Outside of You
7. The Biggest Numbers
8. Excess Baggage
9. 9:40 P.M.
10. Flotsam


  1. hey, whats with your "i do not post stuff that's widely available" philosophy? and btw: 2003 not 2005.

  2. Thanks for that, I fixed it.
    I would say that I try not to post things that are still in print, or available in stores/distros/online. This comes from me running a label and knowing how hard it is to sell music. I still have 300-400 Dip Leg CDs lying around, for example. I know that music blogs are one form of advertisement, but I would feel wrong taking a CD that just came out and posting it online. I wouldn't feel the same about posting a review, and even a sample song, however. So, my main goal for the blog is to take a lot of things that are out of print and would essentially be lost otherwise, and post them here for posterity. The other goal, which came up after I started, is to highlight what's going on now in Japan.
    Of course, there's always the argument that it's really hard to get this stuff in America or Europe, which is something that I try to rectify with my distro (link at top right). So, that's pretty much it.

  3. Please, please help me find their music. I've heard three songs and I'm dying to hear what else they have produced. These guys are amazing.