Monday, April 16, 2012

Note - I Left a Note For My Friend Who Was Out [2006]

This is one of those mystery CD's. I got it sometime between 2006 (the release date) and now, but can't quite trace back when I got it. It was probably something I ordered from Oto Records. Whenever we would do trades, I would always try and grab some extra things that I hadn't heard before. In some ways, it's surprising that I even got this. Most english speakers would agree (or maybe I'm just standing here by myself), the band name and title of this ep are both stupid. Note? Really? It's like naming your band 'Red' or 'shoulder.' It's meaningless and not that cool sounding. I'm sure they just wanted four letters to sound like envy, and the long ep name which is also meaningless and stupid just supports that assertion. But, for some reason I thought this might be worth listening to.

Well, it's definitely worth listening to. It's totally great and exactly what I like. "All the footprints..."-era envy is like my favorite thing ever, so whenever there's a band riffing on that stuff, I definitely want a part of it. Note plays it intense and melodic and leaves the post-rock at home. They do enough different things that the music is interesting and fun, but always stays close to that epic screamo sound. There are seven songs here with dumb names like 'milkstand.' I'm sorry, it seems like I'm just insulting this band for their bad choices of english names, but it almost seems like a joke to me. Milkstand? Really?

I'm not sure what their current status is. Their myspace hasn't been logged into in 3 years and the site listed on this CD doesn't exist anymore. Their name makes them positively un-googleable, so I don't know any other way to find information on them. I think it's safe to say they are gone from this earth; in other bands or salarymen by now.

1. Tone
2. Filament
3. Milkstand
4. Summer
5. Chord
6. Pier
7. Arigatou

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