Thursday, April 26, 2012

[Bandcamp] Redskins - Trial By Stone EP [2011]

Their bandcamp introduces them best, so here it is in their own words:

"The redskins are an ambient black metal band from Tokyo, Japan.
In Tokyo, on March 12th 2011, three friends entered a rehearsal studio as a means to distract themselves from the previous day's tragic events. Over the following weeks all the fear, anger and loss that was experienced during the disaster was channelled into this project."

It's hard to follow that up. A band with a purpose reacting to a tragedy. Go ahead and hit play on the bandcamp player below. I think "fear, anger and loss" is exactly what I hear, wrapped up in a shell of ambient black-metal screamo doom. Despite the very rough recordings, the intensity and melodies appear behind a cloud of delay and noise. I think the likely comparison is to Wolves in the Throne Room, but they always bore me and their melodies are garbage. Redskins songs are much more concise and focused, lasting 4-5 minutes at the most, and there's real passion and humanity present in their sound.

Redskins guitarist is Jordan from The Black Line Fever. I spoke with him recently, and he said they should be making some new recordings soon. I can see the potential in these songs, and expect a lot of good things from the new ones. One of their early shows was played under a bridge in Tokyo. They were all shirtless with large upside down crosses painted on their chests. There's a photo album on their facebook page, with a very confused looking cop shutting down the show. Ah, would've been great to be there.

Check out the songs below and tell me what you think!

1. Trial By Stone
2. Sleepless Tremors (live)
3. Santiago
4. Army of the Andes

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