Sunday, April 1, 2012

[EMO WEEK!] Schedule for Week of 4/1

I'm not going to attempt to define emo. It's gone through multiple meanings since the term started being used about 20 years ago. Emo will always mean to me what it meant in high school: Jimmy Eat World (Clarity album), The Promise Ring, Mineral, or Cap'n Jazz. Proponents of "real emo" or something like that would probably scoff. They would point to Rites of Spring or something when talking about emo. I don't care. It's just a word used to describe something indescribable, and like all language, meaning is entirely subjective. So, following on what I think emo is, I'm going to have an emo week! All three of my collection's releases on here are from different periods, but all have that emo sound. The in-between days will be current things that I've found that are emo-ish.

With that, I'm thinking of doing theme weeks. Anybody have any requests for next week or the week after?

Monday - Balloons - 9:40 PM [2003]
     - Dischord sounding, angular emo
Tuesday - Atata - Various
     - Members of Wound Third Picture & Journal Spy Effort. So good.
Wednesday - Discharming Man - The End [2007]
     - The singer from Kiwi Roll makes sweet emo.
Thursday - [Youtube] Boiler Frog - Live @ CounterAction
     - Powerful emo from Sapporo.
Friday - Staple - A Peace of the Puzzle [2001]
     - My favorite thing ever. The best emo band from Japan, ever.

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