Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Atata - Various Tracks [2010-2011]

It's an 'A'! Do you see it?
Atata is a band. They have ex-members of Holstein, Journal Spy Effort, and Mirror. There are 6 people in the band. You might be thinking that is a lot, and you're right. You might question the need for those extra people, but I think once you hear the unreal sound that Atata makes, you'll understand why 6 people working together can do amazing things. 

Atata is emo 2.0. This doesn't mean they're doing some My Chemical Romance shit. It reminds me of the conversion from Mineral to Gloria Record. In Mineral, you had an amazing sound and song-writing, that was executed minimally and not recorded too good. With The Gloria Record (only talking about the early stuff), it basically was like Mineral got an upgrade with more instruments and more elaborate song structures. It was amazing and so good. But then they turned to shit and I stopped paying attention. Atata does the same (without the shit part, so far) with their former bands. They take the previous sound and upgrade it. If you're unfamiliar with those former bands, they have that angular, Japanese emo sound. If you grabbed the Balloons album yesterday, it sounds similar but much richer.

They've posted 3 songs to download on their site. Sort of like a demo, but all the tracks are individual downloads. The above pic is from their upcoming album, but I'm not sure how those songs will sound. Also, for the below songs, a warning to my readers: They are WAV files, not MP3s, so you'll need a converter unless you're going to burn to a CD. Why they did this, I can't answer. It seems weird to me.

Most importantly, I know you're wondering, how do these song make me feel? Well, I say, they make me feel all warm and tickly inside. The quality of this band is impeccable. The songs are long and small worlds in themselves. Each clocks in around 4-5 minutes, and through multiple instruments, spine-tingling vocals, and complex structures they pick you up and let you down as carefully as a mother. So sweet.

But really, these are songs are worth the huge download and conversion. You can sample them below as Youtube videos. And their album should be out soon, so look out for that in May!

Fury of the Year:


General Headquarters:

LEF!!! DUB!!!:

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