Monday, April 23, 2012

[Bandcamp] Sete Star Sept - Gero Me [2011]

50 songs, an exercise in desensitization. In many ways, the cover above pretty much sums up Sete Star Sept (SSS) (they do say a picture is worth a thousand words). But, putting a Shintaro Kago drawing on your cover (and a wild one at that) takes some pretty big balls. Kago is on the forefront of the insane manga wave and to liken yourself to his stature means you're pretty much setting yourself up for failure. Luckily, though SSS pulls it together and blows your face off, just like this cover.

Two people and a wall-full of noise. Between two instruments and a voice, they make the grindiest, power-violentiest concoction around. Most two-pieces usually go for fast stuff, but SSS takes it to a whole new level. As this 50-song album can attest, songs will be as fast as they can humanly be played and as short as one second (take that Napalm Death!).

SSS is on tour in the West Coast USA starting this Friday. Below are the show dates, so make it out if you can, or just check them out on the MRR radio show on Friday:

April 27 (Friday): San Francisco, CA
     Maximum Rock and Roll Radio show
April 28 (Saturday): San Francisco, CA at Parkside
     w/Tragedy, Needles,Permanent Ruin, Stressors
     more info:
April 29 (Sunday): Portland, OR at Brickshit House
     w/Transient, Honduran, Worthless Eaters
     more info:
April 30 (Monday): Seattle, WA at Club M
     w/Same Sex Dictator, Sidetracked, Spirit Of Radio, Exogroth
     more info:
May 1 (Tuesday): Arcata, CA at Mex'N'Wow
May 2 (Wednesday): Bakersfield, CA at Munoz Gym
     w/Runamuck, Mobius Dick, Whore Scent
     more info:
May 3 (Thursday): Las Vegas, NV at Yayo Taco
     w/God's America a.k.a. The Seeds Of Rape, Nests, Vihan Rytmi
     more info:
May 4 (Friday): Los Angeles, CA at Rito's house
     w/Suffering Luna, deadissue
May 5 (Saturday): Concord, CA at Greenhouse
     w/Godstomper, Your Enemy, Queffer Sotherland, Striations

Their full-length from last year is available on bandcamp (and amazon and probably iTunes), and the whole thing can be streamed on the site:

1. gero me
2. social insect 
3. all time low
4. schizop hrenia 
5. prayer prayer
6. absolute zero 
7. supporters of euthanasia
8. waiting room
9. endless path 
10. gas chamber executions
11. lethal injection
12. enshrining
13. forty minks
14. water parks
15. lush
16. me lush soft
17. lush end 
18. active immunity
19. u.f.o
20. suck a dummy
21. counter productive
22. scoliosis
23. bein a haze
24. shi talks silence
25. dust bowl
26. windswept
27. vamoose 
28. zip zag
29. mollusc 
30. playing craps
31. system of govemment
32. fill one's stomach
33. sensory aphasia
34. vocal apparatus
35. motion sickness
36. counterattack
37. press restraints
38. fairy forest
39. fuck1
40. fuck2
41. fuck3
42. fuck4
43. fuck5
44. fuck6
45. fuck7
46. fuck8
47. he needs a lesson
48. lesson charge
49. lseeo7
50. multiple personality

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