Thursday, April 5, 2012

VA - Saitama Local Music Reconstruction [2012]

This isn't a part of emo week, it's just something I found and wanted to put out here. I'm not sure who long this will stay up and free. This is a compilation of local Saitama acts. There are 27 tracks & bands in total, and Ototoy (a Japanese MP3 service) has it all up for free. You do have to register and login to download, but it has English instructions and is pretty simple.

The compilation is an extremely diverse mix of styles. It starts with some punk/hardcore, moving into electronic, then hip-hop, then experimental noise, then rounds it off with rock. I liked some of the stuff and did not like others. But, it was fun hearing a ton of bands I was unfamiliar with. S-Explode is the only band I knew on the compilation. Try it out, and quick cause I feel like this won't be free for long.

1.  Little basterds - DAY BY DAY
2.  HIGH THRASH GIRL - Do You Live Or Die
4,  s-explode - RE:dis heat
5.  Fragment - bluff dance
6. k-over - ネガポジション[改] 
7.  Hirotaka Maki - infiniti
8. アナログ輝 - DOPE ROUND
9. BARZ BEATZ - Sunset Blues
10. Ken sakano - set-your-soul-free 
12. あなあくやまい - 雨お通り
13. codomotona - ゆびきり
14. 突然段ボール - この世に無い物質
15. ジブンジカン - ループ/ototoy ver
16. Sunnyday hit singers - 作りかけの日曜日(Another mix)
17. Floating Feelings - カラフル
18. Even Sense - Top secret
19. RAGNAROCKS - touch
20. Far apart Daily life - give me my self
21. HOCKLE HOCK - a new song
22. Broken Mountain - From This Town/
23. theビューティフルニー - ガンマンの腕の中で 
24. Lipples - 大嫌い
25. NANISAMA? - 僕の花
26. FUNNY FINE DAY - Flower
27. ゆいだいき - コメットハンター

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