Friday, April 6, 2012

Staple - A Peace of the Puzzle [2001]

Staple... oh Staple. This band... this CD... I've listened to this CD so many times, but I still don't know the lyrics! Not that I care, because its one of my favorite things ever. I can still listen to this today and understand why this was on my top 2 CD's during my Japan study and the years after (Bluebeard's only album would be the other). So, I think it's totally great, but you may not, but who cares! It's frickin' emo week, dawg, and it's almost over.

In 2002, I knew people in the music scene in Tokyo, but none in the Kansai region where I was studying. Yuichi (from Gauge Means Nothing) sent me the contact info for one of his friends in the area, Kazushi. Kazushi was sort of shy, spoke a little English, ran a small distro, and set up shows in the area some time. We met at shows, and he introduced me to Masa & Hajime (members of NotIIBelikesomeone). They were sort of my "crew" when I was there. So, Kazushi had a really small distro that he was just starting and one of the things he sold that I didn't have was Staple's "A Peace of the Puzzle." He convinced me to buy it, and I'm so glad I did. Instantly, on the first song, I was hooked. Staple has the ability to just convince you of their greatness as a song goes on. I wouldn't say they have the best beginnings of song, but like a trusty car, once they get going it gets so good (sorry, that was a horrible analogy).

[Edit: I found a picture of Kazushi, so why not throw it up here!]
Kazushi would later setup one of the best shows I attended while in Japan. The lineup was Gauge Means Nothing, Staple, Lasting For Answer, NotIIbelikesomeone and Norde (I feel like I'm missing a band). It was my first time getting to see Gauge Means Nothing (and that's really a whole different story), but I was really stoked to see Staple. After the show, we all went to an izakaya, and I talked to the members in Japanese. The singer got really wasted and was saying all sorts of crazy stuff while the other band members looked awkward. It was hilarious. I seem to remember talking to them about setting up tours in America and other poorly worded and not thought out at all plans. After saying goodbye, I walked around Kyoto until the first trains started running. It was a good night.

Staple definitely sits solidly in emo week. Their sound is sort of Jimmy Eat World meets State Craft. They have multi-vocal melodic parts that are followed by screaming metalcore parts. I know how that sounds. I'm actually pretty sad that I described it that way, because it sounds like a million radio screamo bands, but it is not at all. Staple sounds like Staple, and I think their sound makes sense in itself. Describing stuff is so hard and its only made harder when bands do weird things.

Just try it out. Here's the video I took from the show. I didn't think I'd be able to upload it, but I was working on that as soon as I got home so that's why this post is late. Also, I'm drunk now so my words don't make sense.... sorry.

1. In the Forest of Elf
2. Forever
3. I Spend a Time
4. Change My Mind
5. Since 1993


  1. only half way through the second track so far, but i already like this very much.

  2. Yay! I'm glad. I think Staple grows on you. The more I listened, the more I found parts I like. They do have two other releases, a full-length after this one (which I don't have a physical copy of) and a split before this ep (which is absolutely horrible...).