Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Anchor - Kizu (2001)

Another release that seemed to appear magically in my collection. I don't remember how or when I got this. The first time I can remember hearing Anchor is on the "Light Your Way" compilation. They stood out mainly because of their instrumentation. Throughout most of their song, this epic acoustic guitar was playing. It totally worked and shaped the sound to just be totally unique.

Once I got this EP, I saw that it wasn't just a fluke on that song. They really do use acoustic guitar on almost all their songs, and it really works. They have this really folky, metal, screamo sound. It's like some Norse mountain music impersonating a Japanese screamo band. It's hard to explain, cause it's so unique.

We've got 6 songs here, which is a good number to really get to know a band. They are still together, surprisingly,  even though this is the most recent recording they've released. They appeared on a Festival DVD in 2007. Hopefully they're working on some new songs or something.

Here's the only vid I could find on youtube. There is another band called "Anchor" in Japan, but they are a rock/punk band (so confusing).

1. 塗られた手
2. 必要のない細胞
3. 無自覚の消滅
4. 自我
5. 底に至り上を見る
6. 「真実ヲ声ニ・・・」

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