Thursday, April 5, 2012

[Youtube] Boiler Frog - Live @ CounterAction [200?]

Soul Ameria Records was a label run by Mana, who played in Dignity For All and Mouko Tokkyuu. I can't remember how we got in contact, but I later released an EP by Mouko Tokkyuu (who are amazing, and I'll be posting that sometime). We did a trade, and along with Boiler Frog EPs, Day by Day compilation 7"s (with 4 crucial late 90's Japanese emotional hardcore bands. Still available in my distro!), and Erigonomi compilation CDs he included a DVDr of a Boiler Frog liveset. I watched and enjoyed it, and then put it away where it disappeared for years. Fast forward to recently when I've been going through all sorts of boxes looking for relics of Japanese Hardcore to post on here. I found the DVD and realized that it was nowhere on the Internet. So, I've uploaded it youtube, and you can watch it by the link above here.

I've always really dug Boiler Frog. They play guitar-heavy emo with great melodies. I'm finding it hard to think of a reference point that is more well-known, but I think they will be liked by most fans of late-90's emo. Their EP seems to be sold out everywhere, so I'll post it up soon. Enjoy!

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