Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Discharming Man - The End [2007]

During my month visit to Japan in 2003, I visited with Ponchi, from Gauge Means Nothing/Nitro Mega Prayer, down in Kobe. We wandered around town, chatting about Evangelion, music, and other things. It was really nice talking with him about music, because he was interested in some "lighter" musics. Syrup16g, 24 pe-ji, and others were similar likes. And Ponchi made me copy of a Kiwi Roll album, その青写真, which had just been released. Over time, I listened to the album over and over again. The smooth melodies and guitar heavy songs were executed perfectly. They easily became a favorite.

When I got this CD from Oto Records distro, I knew nothing about it. The packaging was odd, but the singing was instantly familiar, considering how much I'd listened to Kiwi Roll. Surprisingly, Discharming Man is essentially a one-man band. The style on each track is different, the first almost a noise-ish indie rock track, the second pretty straight forward emo, and the last a minimalistic indie pop piece. Each has the same great song-writing and vocals.

The video below is more recent, and it looks like Discharming Man is still on the same track, focusing on solid song-writing. Hope you enjoy the EP!

2. また遭う日まで
3. 怯えた剣

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