Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Anthropic Disease - Come To The Same New War [2003?]

First, sorry this is late. It's been a bit of a lazy week for me. Ugh....

Now then, I got this CD one night after a show at EMSeven. I was walking home with the 3cm Tour guys, and one of their friends, who was in this band, handed me the CD telling me it was his band. That is about the entirety of my knowledge of this thing. The band was already broken up, or broke up shortly after I met him. I have a feeling that someone from the band went on to play in a more well-known band, but I can't tell from the members list in the CD.

So, what you have here is some brutal crusty thrash. It's pretty dang good, outside of the extremely fuzzy guitars that sound a little ridiculous. The song-writing and playing is tight and harsh, just like it should be. Overall, pretty damn good shit to go to sleep to.

No video, cause there ain't none! Enjoy!

1. U.S. Fuck Off
2. 1:30
3. 差別
4. 毒キノコ
5. 生存
6. 北方領土返還
7. 投下
8. 搾取
9. Domestic Violence
10. Icon Of Busterd
12. 誰のセイダ?
13. Youth Of Void


  1. thank you for this. I can finally listen to it. I know someone from this band is in Killie.

    yea, looking at the CD insert, Ido is in Killie.