Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[Bandcamp] September December - Demo 01 [2012]

I never want to be one of those old guys, desperately holding onto the music that they loved in their teenage years. I always want to keep looking for new things and evaluating new sounds. There's always those people saying the music that "kids these days" are listening to is just noise, and I really don't want to be that way (unless it really is noise, and I'm totally cool with that).

But, listening to September December really reminds me of high school, when The Get Up Kids and Jimmy Eat World were putting out their greatest albums. It's just that great nostalgic feeling that pulls me back. Sure the sound is updated and September December adds in bits of that Japanese flavor, but there's that undeniable feeling of optimism that can only honestly exist before real life has been confronted (how's that for cynicism?).

I couldn't find any videos or anything else, but they've upped their demo onto Bandcamp, and it's really, really good. Just take a listen and remember back to those earlier days (or maybe your current days or whatever) when life was good and you had no responsibilities.

1. The Future
2. Black Sheep

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