Friday, March 30, 2012

Document Not Found - Demo [2007]

There is a band that I love. I met them in their hometown of Okayama after hearing about them from every Japanese friend I knew. I'd seen their patches on shorts and backpacks. They were spoken of like some legendary, mythical entity. When I met the guys & girl from Dip Leg, they seemed pretty normal to me. Their music was truly other-worldly, though. Unfortunately, after a split, full-length, and EP, they took an indefinite hiatus that seems to have turned into a definite one, 5 years later. Their sound was one of passionate vocals, unaware of trends and fads, angular and tense guitars, rumbling but jazzy bass, and complicated drumming. They were a tight four-piece that were all playing with one accord. Since their EP, it seemed that their unique sound was gone, forever hidden in the bodies of the members who were moving on with their lives.

When I first listened to this Document Not Found (DNF) demo, I didn't really make any sort of connection. At first, I thought of 3cm tour or black film dance because of the vocals and heavy bass lines. But after watching the video I'm including below, and re-listening to the demo, I get it. This sound is reaching for the same thing that Dip Leg was doing. On this demo, DNF are still finding their voice, but they've since released a split and if the video below is any indication, they seem to be hitting their stride. I wouldn't say this is a Dip Leg copy band, but the pieces that made Dip Leg so great are present in DNF. As they write more songs, their unique identity solidifies and seems to make a great companion to Dip Leg and even some Nitro Mega Prayer.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. I really have to go buy their other stuff now!

1. はじめるが
2. 結局

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