Thursday, March 22, 2012

[Bandcamp] Sto Cosi Cosi [2011]

Vocalists' styles aren't always so sound changing for me. You've got some vocalists who sort of blend into the music, others who borderline ruin the music. But I don't find many vocalists who really take a band to the next level. When I heard Sto Cosi Cosi for the first time, the music was good. Really good actually, but when the vocals started up, with that scream that ends with a high shriek, I was hooked. It reminds me a lot of Minoru from Tiala/FiveKindsSquare, but it's a bit younger sounding. It really adds an intensity and rawness to the music that just fits so perfectly.

Sto Cosi Cosi is a weird fucking name. I through they straight made up some letters until Google informed me that it is an Italian phrase meaning "I'm so so." That might not be a surprise to any of you Italian speakers, but my Italian stops at food names. Regardless, I didn't expect a band with that name to sound so harsh. There is a "genre" in Japanese music called "Chaotic." It's usually a catchall for discordant hardcore and screamo. It's rare that a band in the "Chaotic" genre is actually chaotic, but I think Sto Cosi Cosi fits there better than most. For me, Junk Hardcore makes a lot of sense. Even though it was never attributed to such bands, it makes me think of Ink & Dagger, Antioch Arrow, and Swing Kids. The music is kind of played messily, but it adheres to a weird sound all of it's own. Sto Cosi Cosi fits in that genre too. They are "Chaotic" and "Junky" and they have "Tiala" vocals. Yes, that sounds right. My description has made me happy.

So, here are three live-ish songs, probably recorded with one mic in their practice room. For the uninformed, studio can mean practice studio or recording studio. Most Japanese don't have garages to play in, so they have to rent practice studios. There, you learned something today. You're welcome.

Oh yeah, and they're looking for a drummer. So get on that. [Update: They found a drummer!]

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