Monday, October 3, 2011

Unfold - Creep / Karma Stench / Dig a Hole split [2002]

I'd seen some stuff online about this compilation, the first from Shining April Records, and had to try it out. The price was also right (1000 yen, which is much better than a 3000 yen CD). And holy shit, this split rips! Three indie bands from the Kansai region (that's Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe), with slightly different styles. Creep plays a rough, Swing Kids-y style of hardcore. They are my pick on the release. Karma Stench plays angular, indie rock but heavy. Dig a Hole plays more old school post-hardcore. All in all, an awesome showing from an under-represented region.

I couldn't find any videos at all online from any of these bands. There definitely needs to be more attention on these guys. I'm pretty sure they are all broken up (creep definitely is), which sucks. Members of creep went on to form Flash Light Experience, who are damn amazing, but it looks like they are done too. Anyways, enjoy this shit!

1. creep - CONSTRUCT
2. creep - MISERY
3. Karma Stench - 破数
4. Karma Stench - 砂塵
5. DIG A HOLE - Result
6. DIG A HOLE - Further On


  1. hey ryan! do you have more stuff from dig a hole?
    i had 2 or 3 eps, but i lost it... :(

  2. hey arthur! yes, i have the upset ep and cost of digging ep, that I will post on here shortly (this month is super busy, so things will pick back up in december). they do have one other album which i don't have, though.

  3. Great! I hope you didn't forget it about cost of digging ep lol

    I tried to find some info on this band (or about this 'lost' album), but i can't find nothing :'(

    Do you have any idea if the members are still making music? Especially the vocalist, i just love his voice (reminds me of bear vs shark stuff)