Friday, October 7, 2011

Torico - Self-Titled [2002]

I saw Torico play at Kyoto Whoopie's on a whim. I can't quite remember what other bands played the show, but Torico really grabbed my attention. They had a 4-speaker, surround sound setup with lots of electronics. I remember at one point the audio was swirling around me, practically making me dizzy. It was awesome.

On record, Torico is weird and groovy. These songs are more like weird soundbytes more than anything. This was third item I had in my distro in 2003. I sent an international money order to the guys to get copies. Still, it was worth it. Guys from Torico went on to form Mirror, who released a few things on Catune.

Wow! I just googled Torico, and they are still together! In fact, looks like they have a new album called Regret (well, it was released in 2008). Sweet. I frickin love the internet, for real. Here's a vid from 2007:

1. november
2. toricosystem
3. vo<<asi+bapoi
4. toricolonics
5. in the air
6. toricolonist
7. hospital
8. air in the air
9. toricology
10. q: are you ok? a: in the bed!

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