Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bluebeard - Self-Titled [2001]

Ah, its getting cold again up here in the Pacific Northwest, and there is no better soundtrack for walking around in cold weather than Bluebeard's self-titled masterpiece. I can't remember exactly why I picked this up at a record store in Japan. Perhaps I'd read about them online, or a friend had recommended it. Bluebeard was truly a revelation, though. They are mostly Mineral worship, which is fine as they're one of my all-time tags, but there is something else that Bluebeard has that really makes them unique. Perhaps its the atmosphere and sense of wonder that their songs create. Regardless, the music fits cold, city life perfectly.

Sadly, Bluebeard broke up shortly after the release, and only have a demo and split 7" with Nine Days Wonder in their discography (although, there might be a Mangrove compilation as well). Luckily, the members continued to make beautiful music. George (guitar) joined Naht, and later Turtle Island. Yoshikazu (vocals/guitar) formed As Meias with a guy from There Is A Light That Never Goes Out and another from 3cmtour, which sounds similar to Bluebeard, but not the same.

There was a documentary made while Bluebeard was still playing which features them playing, as well as an interview. The documentary seems to focus a little too much on the word "emo", in my opinion, but its still cool to see the band and hear them talk. Here are some clips from that documentary:

And a PV that weirdly aired on a Japanese music channel:

1. untitled
2. room 501
3. over again
4. sleepless
5. snow
6. earth bound
7. can't rely on
8. endless way


  1. hey! are you willing to sell that cd?

  2. hey-all no! sorry man, my japanese cd's are treasures to me, not to mention it's frickin' bluebeard.
    your best best is to troll ebay or keep an eye on japanese music stores (cdjapan, yesasia, etc) to see if it pops up there.
    happy hunting!

  3. Holy shit dude. Thank you so much for this. Only version I had of this was in a whack 128 format and here it is in 320! It's very much appreciated.

    1. And there's scans in here. OH god. <3

    2. Glad you like it! Keep checking for more awesome shit!

  4. Grrreat band! Do you have their demo or the song from their split with Nine Days Wonder? I can't find it anywhere. If you have it and you can upload it, I would be very grateful.

  5. This is so great. Thank you so much for putting this together at such high quality, plus scans. It's really appreciated!

  6. Wow... been looking everywhere for this album after watching a youtube video of one of their songs. Thank You!