Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Carnival of Dark-Split / Black Film Dance split [2002]

Ah, one of the "jewels" of my collection. This is one of my favorite CD's I own, which is also one of the rarest. The Sapporo scene always seems really far removed from the rest of the Japanese Underground, so recordings and bands always come out of left field. The great thing about it is that they truly make original music, and these guys are no different.

The Carnival of Dark-Split released a full-length on HG Fact after this, which was amazing. At some point, one of the members died and they disbanded. Members went on to play in The Sun. 

Black Film Dance is the Their sound is so cathartic and textured. These songs are some of their best. Members went on to form The Sun after their dissolution.

You have to listen to this!!!

1. The Carnival of Dark-Split - Crash the View
2. The Carnival of Dark-Split - Rental Response
3. The Carnival of Dark-Split - Rotten Pupetts
4. The Carnival of Dark-Split - -----
5. Black Film Dance - Flower Silence
6. Black Film Dance - Sometime
7. Black Film Dance - I?

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