Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apostrophe - echo / kiwiroll split [2001]

I'm not entirely sure how I got this CD and why there's no artwork. I don't remember buying it, so perhaps someone gave it to me? Regardless, there are some pretty killer kiwiroll songs on here. They really were an amazing band that was pretty unique in Japan. Echo has a bit of a King Brothers/Guitar Wolf vibe, which I'm not too into.
[Update] I found a note from Fafa when I did a trade with the label, Waiting for An Angel, and he sent this to me. Whew, glad that mystery was solved!

Also, a big part of this blog is going to be the flyers and memorabilia I have, so to start with, here's a promo flyer for kiwiroll's first full album (i think), which was also their last.

And here's a vid of them playing the song, 間違う, live:

2. kiwiroll - 間違う
3. echo - Strange Smile (Live Version)
4. kiwiroll - ベクトル (Live Version)

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