Saturday, October 8, 2011

VA - I've Come For Your Children Summer 2003 Sampler [2003]

Here's a little blast from the past. When I first started the I've Come For Your Children distro in 2003, I put together a sampler CD to give out to people (I'm not sure if I even gave them to anyone). It had a track from every release I was carrying at the time, which is on the inside with prices. It also included a track from the demo of my band at the time, The Baldwin Mass Suicide (of which Matt and I went on to form Cease Upon the Capitol, and Roy joined on Bass later).

1. Gauge Means Nothing - Right Hand
2. Envy - Color of Fetters
3. Torico - In the Air
4. Black Film Dance - Escape
5. Amanda Woodward - Pleine de Grace
6. Enforce - Kusari to Kaembin
7. The Jhai Alai - Wise Old Man
8. Iscariote - Moonbeam and the Dark
9. 324 - Quarter Moon
10. Kulara - Your Own Gain
11. The Baldwin Mass Suicide - First You Broke My Heart, Then You Broke the Hula Girl on My Dashboard Confessional
12. Vanilla - Body Fever
13. The Carnival of Dark-Split - New Normal
14. There is a Light That Never Goes Out - Hijou Jitai

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