Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NNI Postrock Compliation - Vols. I & II [2011-2012]

The divide between the underground music scene in Japan and the doujin music scene seems pretty large. Obviously, I'm only observing from a distance so I can't really tell. But the bands from either scene never play together (even though most doujin artists never play out anywhere), and their pages are never linked to each others. The doujin scene is really focused around internet releases and selling their stuff at Comiket, the underground scene live shows and distros. I listen to both scenes, as I can find info on them. Wherever the music comes from, if it resonates with me, I'll listen to it.

With all that being said, now I have to sort of contradict myself. What I'm posting today, I only found because of a link between the scenes. The band none but air (yeah, it sounds a lot like some it air, which is why I got excited) played a show with some underground bands I pay attention to (document not found & elica). I looked them up, liked their sound, and found that they appeared on a post-rock compilation (post-rock not being my favorite genre anymore after millions of bands have murdered long intros in the face). The compilation was full of bands I'd never heard of, so I gave it a chance and it was surprisingly solid. And there were more than one, there were two compilations! It looks like this NNI group is doing these as some sort of collaboration between musicians and artists.

Anyways, the downloads are free and the music is good. Most every band sounds different than each other, and some don't quite fit into the post-rock mold (is that techno I hear?), but free is as cheap as you can get.

1. Melanche[n]try - アイオンの微睡
2. つこ - 蝶の軌跡
3. ぽんぽんがぽんぽん - Am I sleeping?
4. LOMO - To mute the World
5. カトウタイキ - dreamy wonder
6. ネツ - トイボックス、または白塗りのマティエールが机に突っ伏すまで
7. SE2 - アンジュロと真夜中
8. Fairy Penguin - 演劇少女
9. mellow out - Lights

1. エヌオシ - 仮眠の季節におけるボクたちの挨拶
2. X2N - Musica
3. Al-Kamar - 閉塞と虚空
4. iida - riot in me
5. 110428 - juvenile
6. 6ta - Insider in the minor
7. tuaiki - We go without our will
8. none but air - 閉鎖された鍵穴の理由と終わり
9. 奈加野グリフォン - さよならに咲く

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