Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tiala - 2 Song Demo [2005]

In 2005, I was still in school in Murfreesboro. I worked part time and pulled in about 400 bucks a month. This was barely enough to pay for rent, food, and gas each month. At the same time, I was still trying to run I've Come For Your Children and release stuff. Distro sales were non-existent at the time, so all money had to come out of my pocket. To add to the money difficulties, I was trying to release legit versions of everything (ie. Real CD's or Vinyl), so large chunks of money had to be doled out for each release. That meant that each release took a very long period of time to release, and I was really impatient.

So, with my friend Chris, we decided to start a side label releasing 99 copies of CD-R's. Chronocological was a funny way we mis-pronounced chronological when trying to come up with a name for a label. Our first release was a reprint of Utarid's demo, then a CD-R version of Cease Upon the Capitol's End of History EP. Finally, we did a reprint of Tiala's demo, which is what we've got here. We were both friends of Tiala's and loved the band, so it just made sense. Instead of doing any screenprinting (like the Utarid demo) or weird paper and cuttings (like the CUTC ep), we focused on weird design instead. The booklet inside is only about 1" x 1", but the cover is a replica of the outer jacket. I thought it was a pretty neat conceptual insert. The CD-R itself was stamped with a hand-cut stamp.  Overall, I was really frickin' proud with it. It ended up being the last Chronocological release, even though we had several more planned (as you can see on the site).

Tiala sounds like The Futures, The Carnival of Dark-Split, and Jerome's Dream put into a blender, sprinkled with cayenne pepper, and vomited out after a 24-hour bender. Their sound is nuts, and their live shows are fun as shit. They've taken on a more eclectic sound now, with saxophone and some different members, but this stuff was always my favorite from them.

The video quality is crap, but here's a show that I videoed:

Tiala - Demo

01. kotoba no naka
02. moetsukiru made

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