Monday, March 26, 2012

Unripe - Demo [2006]

Something I picked up from Oto Records a while ago. Unripe was new at the time, but since then they've released a split with The Cops Are Inside Us and another with Midnight Parade. To add to their releases, it seems their sound has changed quite a bit. The video below has a much more rocking screamo sound. Their demo is way more post-rock.

I don't know much about the band. One interesting thing is that they're from Okinawa, which is way the fuck down South of Japan. Honestly, I'm not sure how these guys travel to other towns when they play shows. They would have to either take a ferry or fly, because there's no way that there are bridges to Kyushu.

So yeah, the sound is very clean and post-rocky, and at points it gets crazy and screamy. It's not totally end of the world epic, like envy. It reminds me more of 3cm tour if they had 9 minute long songs. It's good stuff, and even though I don't care for long songs, these are pretty good.

Unripe - Demo
1. A Faint Sound of Her Feelings
2. Resound Room

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