Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rainover - Self-Titled [2002]

On weekends during my study in Japan, I would find record stores, map out the ways to get there in my map book, and go on adventures. Independent record stores were all over the Kansai region, and the town I lived in, Hirakata City, was right in the heart of it. For some reason, I remember the trip when I bought this. I don't remember the specific store, but I have a fragment of memory. The sky was overcast, it wasn't too cold but not warm at all. I walked out of the store, and towards a section of road with bridges overhead. There was a sort of outdoor mall with vendors selling off-brand goods, and ramen shops in the corner. I guess you could say I just described every Japanese city ever. Maybe so.

Why I picked this up, I don't remember. I'd heard of the Not Superstitious label, or maybe it just sounded cool. Either way, it was two songs and it was cheap, so I didn't have any qualms about getting it. But I feel like I had some idea what this sounded like. It brought me back to late high school, jamming to Mineral, Pop Unknown, and other sappy emo bands. The band cranks it out with twin guitars, emotional vocals, and sleepy drums. Some descriptions say they sound like Lovemen. Never heard them, though.They also say this band sounds like Bluebeard, which is partially true. Bluebeard is way better.

Surprisingly, this is still for sale from Disk Union. They are a pretty big indie record store, but still. This thing is 10 years old now, so why they would have what is essentially a demo for this long is baffling. If you're interested in grabbing a copy, follow this link:
Buy rainover CD from Disk Union
And, internet research has shown me you can also get it at recordshop BASE:
Buy rainover CD from recordshop BASE

No videos. What's up with that, Japan?

1. Hate and Wall
2. I Do Not Like You

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