Monday, March 19, 2012

Hemp Coaching Juicer - 全部つながっている [2008]

I ordered this from Oto Records after doing some trades, sometime around 2008-2009. I hadn't been paying attention much to the Japanese scene, just catching the occasional band that popped out (like killie and hiha). So, I went through his distro and just grabbed whatever looked promising.

It turns out, I didn't do so bad. Hemp Coaching Juicer is fucking awesome. Their sound is pretty noisy hardcore that ventures into thrash, but they have that undeniable Japanese sense of melody. You get 6 songs here, which is much more than a demo. The cover is cloth, essentially a patch, although sewing this on my shorts would leave me no cover for this CD. This is for fans of Tiala, The Carnival of Dark-Split, and Breakfast.

I just got their split with High Tension Sex Girl, and it's amazing. I'm hoping to post a review or something sometime soon.

This is still available to purchase (I know, I'm kind of breaking my philosophy a bit here), so please support the band if you like this. I kind of realized this was still out there while I was trolling some record shops. Buy this here:
Record Shop BASE
Senseless Records

Here's a whole set:

1. 良いところだけ
2. 思いやりの心
3. 自分自身で決めたこと、自分自身で選んだこと
4. すぐそばに
5. 全部つながっている
6. 手遅れになる前に

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