Friday, March 16, 2012

Schedule for Week of 3/18/12

Just thought I'd get you pumped for what's coming up next week. The week is packed with awesome stuff from my collection as well as a recent demo and my first translated interview. See you next week!

Monday - Hemp Coaching Juicer - 全部つながっている [2008]
     - Some crazy screamo.
Tuesday - [Bandcamp] Blue Friend - Demo [2012]
     - New Japanese screamo. Very good stuff!
Wednesday - Rainover - Self-Titled [2002]
     - Old school emo.
Thursday - [Interview] To Overflow Evidence
     - First interview on here, translated from Emotal Magazine.
Friday - After Forever - Demo [2002]
     - One of my all time favorites. And no, this isn't that cheesy goth metal band.

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