Sunday, March 25, 2012

Schedule for Week of 3/25/12


This week is all about demos and Keep It Together Records. KIT Records is based out of Wisconsin and releases a wide range of cassettes, but focuses on emo and indie rock most of the time. They're starting to put out some really sweet Japanese stuff as well, which is just fine with me. This week, I'll talk about a new release and an old one. Soon there will be a split release with a bunch of Japanese screamo bands as well (such as Cofun and Blue Friend), but more info on that when it's available. Here's what to look forward to this week:

Monday - Unripe - Demo [2006]
     - Post-rock screamo from Okinawa.
Tuesday - [Bandcamp] Low-pass - Trimurti [2012]
     - Angular, instrumental rock from KIT Records.
Wednesday - Tiala - 2 Song Demo [2005]
     - Off the wall screamo-violence.
Thursday - [Bandcamp] Malegoat - To Face the Music [2011]
     - Old-school Emo which is becoming new-school emo.
Friday - Document Not Found - Demo [2007]
     - Sapporo style moody screamo.

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