Monday, May 14, 2012

Schedule for Week of 5/13/12

I hope you appreciate the amount of Photoshopping I had to do to get these releases on here. When inserts are something like 15" x 26" (guessing here), they don't fit very well on a Letter sized scanner, so much scanning and rearranging has to take place. I think I did a decent job, but everything is definitely in here and legible.

Oh, what am I talking about? Well, this weekend I took some time to scan in all three chapters of the "Our Dreams Walking Their Way" series released by French label, Waiting For An Angel. They were released between 2002 and 2003, and featured huge poster-sized inserts in folding cardboard sleeves. All the artwork was done by Nicotcha, and it is fabulous. The posters in each, the art-only side, are digital files that Nicotcha sent to me years ago, so they look lots better than the scans. And that's not even mentioning the bands, most of whom don't need an introduction.

What I was always curious of is why the 1000travels of Jawaharlal / Aghast split CD wasn't made a part of this series. It was released pretty close to when these were being released, but came out in a normal jewel case. It could've come down to cost constraints, or possibly that the series was only planned for 3 releases. It's too bad, because that split would've made a great addition to the rest.

Monday - Envy / Iscariote Split
     - Japanese legend vs. French/Swiss stoner metal
Tuesday - [Youtube] Mynameis...
     - I thought they didn't exist, but here are all the mynameis... vids I could find on youtube.
Wednesday - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Vanilla Split
     - Japanese legend vs. French indie rock
Thursday - The First I've Come For Your Children Podcast
     - Roy and I made one of these in the heyday of the label.
Friday - Fugüe / Overmars Split
     - Japanese stoner vs. French doom

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