Monday, May 14, 2012

Envy / Iscariote - Our Dreams Walking Their Way Chapter 1 [2002]

This is back when Envy could still be considered underground. Yeah, their shows still sold out all over Japan. Yes, they were sort of big time. But, they weren't on Temporary Residence yet. Not that Temporary Residence is a major label, but they're definitely bigger than HG Fact (not better, tho). These songs were after All the Footprints..., but were still better than anything on A Dead Sinking Story.

The release was sort of to commemorate the Japanese split tour of Envy and Iscariote in 2002, but they also toured together in Europe in 2001. Iscariote featured Fafa on vocals, the proprietor of Molaire Industries aka. Waiting For An Angel (they released a ton of fine Japanese stuff including Envy's first exposure outside of Japan). I was actually at the last show on that tour in 2002 at Shinjuku Anti-Knock. I didn't know any of the guys at the time, but I'd later develop a friendship with Fafa through label business.

The Our Dreams Walking Their Way series is basically about Japanese and French bands splitting a release. The conceptual art is done by Nicotcha, and every release has a color theme and is gorgeous. It's funny that I carried all of these releases in my distro and could barely sell them, but now they are almost collector's items. Ah... how times change.

Here's a video I shot of Envy at their show together. And then a random one from Iscariote:

1. Iscariote - Soleil Thahi
2. Iscariote - Moonbeam and the Dark
3. Iscariote - Auto-Pilote
4. Envy - Invisible Understanding
5. Envy - chancun de tes pas

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