Thursday, May 17, 2012

The First (and Only) I've Come For Your Children Podcast [2006]

Gauge Means Nothing... and me in a pink bandana
I used to do a label called I've Come For Your Children, which I might've mentioned. It started in late 2003 with the release of Gauge Means Nothing's LP, The Absent Trail..., and culminated with a final spat of releases towards the end of 2007, when I went completely broke and decided to pack it up. The whole point of the label in the beginning was to put out Japanese music, but I ended up getting really distracted and started putting out bands from other countries instead, which was kind of lame. But, before I went off the deep end, I had some grand plans for how Japanese screamo would take over the world. This podcast was part of that world domination plan.

Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned (Obviously. Is Higu the POTUS? Has Testu ascended to Emperor of Japan?), and what we're left with is a weird little podcast that only happened once. My friend Roy, who also helped out with ICFYC, co-hosted it with me. This was something like 2004 or 2005. I totally embarrass myself on here, but it's such a nice little piece of personal history that I can't help but post it up here for your enjoyment.

It's not too long, and you might have already heard all the songs, but it's a dang good mix if I do say so myself. We mention some releases we'd planned to release, but unfortunately never came out, like an American version of the Doors split (with Revival Sleep, Folio, Sora, and Forgetmenot) and the 3cm tour collection (which was released by Salvation). Both were due out at the end of the label's life and I sadly had to cancel them. Still wish I would've had my stuff together enough to release those. But, the past is the past. Learn from your mistakes, right?

So! Enjoy. Here's an early vid of Killie, cause why not:

1. Dip Leg
2. 3cm Tour
3. Sora
4. Bright and Dark Side
5. The Black Line Fever
6. Killie