Monday, May 21, 2012

VA - Here Comes The Bottom Line... Vol. 1 [2004]

Back in 2005, Impulse Records was an upstart label coming out of Shikoku, Japan. I'm not sure who sent the first email, but I think I contacted Aki to get copies of their first compilation (this one) and the Forgetmenot 3 songs EP. This was at a time when most of the bands I'd been friends with were slowing down or breaking up all together. I was busy with Cease Upon the Capitol and not paying so much attention to what was going on in Japan. So when I got the stuff from Impulse, I was blown away by all of these newer bands that were amazing. Forgetmenot was an instant favorite, for sure, but this compilation took time to grow on me. I appreciate it now more than I did then, mostly because of changing tastes.

This is sold out everywhere, but I found a copy at MNM Distro. So, buy it here:

Here's a music video from one of Mule's later albums:

1. Mule - 12
2. Butch - The Day
3. Driftage - Issues Persecute Us
4. Infro - 足跡
5. Infro - 独り
6. The Oxide - Bombed Like This Stereo
7. Hush Puppy - Still
8. Minority Blues Band - Stone Won't Roll
9. Forgetmenot - 理想も忘れて
10. Halka Goat - 光の日々へ

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