Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There is a Light That Never Goes Out / Vanilla - Our Dreams Walking Their Way Chapter 2 [2002]

Chapter 2, better than the first? It's hard to beat envy (for me), but these TIALTNGO songs are the best in their short history. They just perfected the sound they were going for at the last moment, it's a shame that they didn't keep going. What's disappointing is the Vanilla tracks. Their debut album on Salvation was quite good, but these songs are boring and fail to impress.

My only story of TIALTNGO is a sad one that goes with the Kulara one. I was at an envy show in Tokyo and sat in the green room, talking to people while both bands played. So pissed at myself, still.

TIALTNGO went on to form Z, who I never cared much for. A better band to reference is their pre-TIALTNGO band, Swipe, who were really good. Gahh.... I don't have anything else to say. Enjoy this shit!

Here's a great video from a reunion show in 2010:

1. There is a Light That Never Goes Out - 枯れる
2. There is a Light That Never Goes Out - 非常事態
3. Vanilla - Body Fever
4. Vanilla - Heartbreak
5. Vanilla - Machine Man

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