Friday, May 25, 2012

VA - Here Comes The Bottom Line... Vol. 3 [2008]

And so the week ends with Volume 3. This actually isn't the last of the compilation series, but I don't have Vol. 4, so that'll be it for this anyways. I really hope Aki continues with this series, as there isn't really any other compilations in Japan collecting this stuff.

As with the others, this one has a different style than the one's before. This one is mainly emo and screamo bands. Some of the stand outs are Bed, What Ever Film, and The Sunset Boulevard, although almost every track is really good.

I still have a copy of this in my distro, so pick it up if you like the tracks: Buy it Here!

1. Herpiano - I Wonder
2. Piece Pix - 真夜中の歌
3. Bed - 70000000000人間
4. TG.Atlas - 神or魔神
5. What Ever Film - イツワリ
6. The Sunset Boulevard - Return From Ruin
7. Nenem - 三階裏からの追憶
8. Curve - Rather Forgiven
9. Malegoat - Expression
10. Fragments - Such Days
11. Mod Lung - 昨日みた夢
12. Sheba - Rainbow On You

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  1. Been a year! Any luck getting Vol. 4? Thanks for Vol. 3, loving it.