Monday, May 7, 2012

"Doors" - Revival Sleep / Sora / Forget Me Not / Folio split [2006]

I first traded with Impulse Records back in 2005, right when the label was just getting started. That was my first introduction to Forget Me Not and the label. We kept trading, as they kept putting out really amazing stuff. Impulse is located in Shikoku, a place far off the radar from the prominent Tokyo scene, but they were releasing stuff easily as good as anything else going on in Japan.

When Aki told me he was going to release this, I knew it would be gold. I'd played a show with Sora during my month with Gauge Means Nothing and had worn their demo out already. Adding new songs from Forget Me Not, and it didn't even matter if the other two bands were garbage or not.

What I got once I did the trade was one of the nicest splits ever to come out of Japan. Seriously every band on this thing is top notch and each scratch a different itch. Revival Sleep has since disbanded (can't find much info on them), but the other three bands have gone on to have pretty amazing careers so far.

There's not much else to say about this, except that it's marvelous. Do yourself a favor and listen to this, if you haven't already, because you will thank me later. Here's a vid of Forget Me Not:

1. Revival Sleep - SUN
2. Revival Sleep - Short Film
3. Sora - 無色の景色
4. Sora - 小さな手
5. forget me not - 君の顔に映す
6. forget me not - 眼と手と手と眼
7. Folio - One of the Tenderness
8. Folio - Proof


  1. thank you, i've been looking for this whole thing for just about forever. not to mention i can't find any forget me not stuff, so i'm happy to finally hear them.

  2. Sweet! You're welcome. I'll try to post more forget me not. They are one of my favorites.