Monday, May 7, 2012

[Screamo Week! V.2.0 ] Schedule for Week of 5/6/2012

I'm not going to spend too long on this schedule post thingy (and damn if I didn't forget to upload an image to this post while I was at home), but wanted to give you a heads up because I'm really excited for this week. It's pretty much screamo week 2.0 (although every week is screamo week for me). I'm posting some great splits, and some totally original content. I'll be uploading a full live set from Bright and Dark Side and an interview I did a few weeks back with Jordan from the Black Line Fever (among other bands). Have fun!

Monday - "Doors" - Revival Sleep / Sora / Forget Me Not / Folio split [2006]
     - One of Impulse Records early releases and an insane collaboration between 4 amazing bands.
Tuesday - [Youtube] Bright And Dark Side live [2003]
     - Smooth, jazzy, screamy, noisy emo from Tokyo. Rumors are that they're going to release a full-length sometime soon.
Wednesday - 3cm tour / Umbra split [2003]
     - 3cm tour's first release (besides a demo) splitting the plastic with some of their best friends.
Thursday - [Interview] The Black Line Fever [2012]
     - I chatted with Jordan about the bands history and what everybody's up to now.
Friday - After Forever / 3cm Tour split [2004]
     - Two insanely great bands destroy music history with a split CD.

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