Friday, May 18, 2012

Fugüe / Overmars - Our Dreams Walking Their Way Chapter 3 [2003]

Not a lot of info exists on Fugüe. Even when this release was announced, I was kind of confused by the pick. You're doing a series, and your first two bands are envy and TIALTNGO. Who should you have on the next one? My picks would be nine days wonder, bluebeard, kulara, maybe black film dance or end all. But Fugüe? Who the fuck are they? I knew Overmars, and dug their debut album, but the Japanese pick on this was confusing.

On getting the release and listening, Fugüe is pretty good. They play a really noisy, stoner metal variant that fits nicely with Overmars' own epic doom. The bands are a surprisingly good match, and if the whole point of the series was to do something like: hardcore, emo, stoner doom, then I guess the whole thing makes sense. Still, I wish the series would've included the 1000travels/Aghast split that came out the next year. It would've been that cherry on top.

No videos I could find of Fugue. Here's one of Overmars. Have a good weekend!

1. Overmars - I Take Degenerating Materials For My Knowledge
2. Overmars - Instrumental
3. Overmars - La Nuit Des Masques Et La Systématique De Ses Lendemains
4. Fugüe - Into The Soul
5. Fugüe - MISTRAL
6. Fugüe - Real Love
7. Fugüe - TRUTH

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