Monday, February 27, 2012

Nine Days Wonder / No Knife - Split [2001]

I started getting into Japanese music in the days of Napster. There wasn't a lot to be found, but I was able to get tracks from bands like Husking Bee, Melt Banana, and Eastern Youth. As my Japanese music search continued, I lamented that I couldn't find many bands that were like the bands I was listening to from America. The most I could find were mid-level popular bands that were good, but just not authentic enough for me.

Then I found Dim Mak Records, Envy, and Nine Days Wonder. Nine Days Wonder, especially this release, played some amazing synth-heavy emo rock. Hearing them was like a breath of fresh air. I was already a fan of No Knife, so their sound was comfortably close, and I ordered this split right away.

Hmm... I'll say more about 9DW with some later releases I'll post. Enjoy this amazing music!

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1. No Knife - The Red Bedroom
2. No Knife - Automatic Writing
3. Nine Days Wonder - What I Need in Me
4. Nine Days Wonder - The Next Realm
5. Nine Days Wonder - Call For a Stranger

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