Saturday, February 25, 2012

Creep - My Self Portrait [1999]

I first heard Creep on the split they released with a couple of other Kansai bands (Unfold Split) and was hungry to find more recordings. In 2002, I was at school in Kansai, so it wasn't too hard to find things from these bands. I believe I was looking in a box of clearance CDs at a random music store and found this. At first, I wasn't entirely sure that it was the same band that I was looking for. But, it was discounted enough that I gave it a shot.

Turns out, this is a Creep release that came well before the split, but it's still amazing. It has a really strong San Diego feel, which is caught between Unbroken-era and Swing Kids-era stuff. Still, so good. It has that dark, misanthropic mood that is so fully realized in The Carnival of Dark-Split.

Anyways, enjoy this. It's a really good showing of non-Tokyo, pre-2000 Japanese hardcore/screamo.

1. Intro
2. Entered Me
3. Cynicism
4. Narrow
5. Link Up
6. Wall
7. Nothing

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