Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dig A Hole - Upset [2001]

I take such pride in Dig a Hole sometimes. Going to school in the Kansai area, it's sort of like my home away from home. I sympathize with the underdog feel of the area, always in competition with Tokyo. I've also been to most of the neighborhoods and livehouses in the area, so I feel some communion with the bands operating in the area.

With the Unfold split, I was introduced to three bands that came from my old stomping grounds, and I exhaustively searched out information about them while I was there. This was one of my scores, an EP from Dig A Hole. These are some of their best songs, aside from the Unfold split offerings, and see them playing some great post hardcore. I regret I never got to see them live, but having most of their releases makes up for it a bit. I also have some flyers I'll post soon (at least I think I do).

Dig A Hole - Upset
1. Upset
2. Nothing
3. Minor Swing

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