Monday, February 27, 2012

US-JP Underground Alliance

In 2003, after returning from my semester in Japan, I started trying to keep a public version of my Japanese band bookmarks. I started this page, US-JP Underground Alliance, and tried to expand it to cover labels, livehouses, and other related things. I thought of it as the reference I wish I would've had when I went over there. I added a news section and tried to update it with relevant band news. Around 2005, I quit doing the site. I've tried to keep it alive since then. Most of the links are dead, just like most of the bands highlighted. The URL to the page was messed up, as a result of my consistent domain transfers, so I just brought it back to life. I'm going to try and replicate the same type of resource on this blog, so I won't change the page. It will exist, dead links and all. Maybe you'll find something you enjoy, or find humorous.

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