Sunday, February 26, 2012

Black Ganion - Hakkyo! [2004]

During the heyday of the I've Come For Your Children distro, I was trying pretty hard to up the Japanese stuff I carried. It was always harder to trade with Japanese labels than it was to trade with European distros. They were usually more interested in me paying wholesale, if they even returned my emails. So, despite the genre matching the other screamo stuff I was trying to procure, I jumped at the chance to trade with Jukeboxxx Records out of Nagoya. One of the releases they offered was this, an EP by Black Ganion.

Black Gannion rides the fence between straight up Japanese new school hardcore and a rawer crust punk sound. They are still active to this day (their site) and their sound has progressed into more of a grinding, d-beat power-violence type sound.

Anyways, check it out!

1. Test of Insturument
2. The Education Method
3. Recollection
4. Exfoliation
88. Secret Track

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