Monday, August 6, 2012

VA - Surplus Suppression 3 Compilation [2003]

Here's an odd little compilation that I got from Nitro Mega Prayer when I did a trade with them. It's a weird amalgam of metalcore bands, with Nitro Mega Prayer and Enforce thrown in the mix. At the time, both bands weren't too far from that genre, but still sound different. The Nitro Mega Prayer tracks are sort of between their first split and their first album. The Enforce track is my highlight on here, though. They only released 3 tracks that I know of, on compilations, but they prove themselves as one of the best bands from Japan.

If anybody has any information on Enforce, please let me know!

1. Optimistic Hedge Hog - 欲望
2. Optimistic Hedge Hog - 扉の先
3. Jabberwock - One Step
4. Jabberwock - Fat Man
5. Enforce - 開放
6. Nitro Mega Prayer - 鏡
7. Nitro Mega Prayer - 8秒の沈黙
8. Lost Eden - Seven Cardinal Sins

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