Sunday, August 12, 2012

Schedule for Week of 8/12/12

Normally the stuff I post on here is pretty specific to a certain underground scene in Japan. Most of the bands are friends, or at least know of each other well. But, there's a lot more to Japan than just the scene I post (I know that's obvious, but it's a great transition sentence). I don't only listen to the stuff I post, also. I have total soft spots for emotional rock like Bump of Chicken or Applicat Spectra, folk rock (I just made up this genre classification) like Off Course and Magokoro Brothers, and visual metal like X Japan and Versailles. Needless to say, I like different things.
When I'm perusing Bandcamp for new hardcore or screamo acts, I come across things that don't exactly fit into what this blog does normally, but is still really good. So I thought I'd take a week and write about some of those things that I've come across and give you guys a break from all the screaming and crying.
Anyways, here's the line-up for this week. Hopefully you'll find something you like!

Monday - Float down the Liffey - shoegaze emo rock
Tuesday - Glow And The Forest - foreigners in Japan doing low-fi indie rock
Wednesday - Carpool - democratic, party synth-emo punk
Thursday - Nature Sounds Society Japan - just captured sounds from all over Japan. enchanting!
Friday - Boyish - new wave-ish indie pop

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