Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[Bandcamp] Glow And The Forest - Self-Titled [2010]

Glow and the Forest are three non-Japanese guys who've been living in Japan for a long time and met together to make music. This album was released awhile back, but I just found it on Bandcamp. They seem to be super busy on Soundcloud, though, and lots of people are into them. I don't know if I have the right background to explain what they sound like. It's pretty laid back music, with whimsical singing and lyrics, and very atmospheric sounds on the instruments. I guess you could say its similar to a more organic Pinback, where Pinback sounds like it was recorded in a bedroom and this sounds like it was recorded in a church. Throughout the album their sound changes from delightful, storybook like songs (like Fat Monk), to darker, spookier tracks (like Dust Bunny), almost like the listener is walking down the path illustrated on the cover of this album, descending into the depths of the forest.

Here's a pretty good video from this year. The guy's voice is just as perfect live, which is pretty amazing. Check this out!

1. Fat Monk
2. Don't Know What I Sold You
3. Dust Bunny
4. Pop Song
5. Crows In Tokyo
6. I'm Not Yours
7. Prelude
8. Diamonds Slicing Hearts
9. Weefee

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