Thursday, August 16, 2012

[Bandcamp] Nature Sounds Society Japan - Sound Travel [2011]

Yeah... this is a weird one. It's not really music, it's really just well recorded environments in different places in Japan. It's not weird in the sense that this stuff doesn't exist all over the place, it's just weird for me to post something like this. Each song title describes where & what is going on in the track. This particular album I have here has a lot of different locations, all of which are really chill. There's free downloads for this and other albums on their bandcamp, so go grab some good sounds to sleep to!

1. #2 Birds, Forest Reverb 
2. #4 Birds, Early Morning 
3. #1 Thunder and Hailstone 
4. #3 Small Stream 
5. #5 Stream and Bird
6. #6 Blue-and-white Flycatcher
7. #7 Gentle Ocean Waves
8. #8 Higurashi, Summer in Japan
9. #9 Rain, Totoro Forest
10. #10 Beach and Motorbike
11. Sound Portrait Sampler Vol.1

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