Monday, August 27, 2012

And Believe - Moment Never Fade [2007]

This week I'll be posting some more "hardcore" releases. This is one of the CDs I got when FC Five was doing their US tour a few years back. I guess the guy from Alliance Trax was one tour and brought some of his releases. I grabbed this and a couple others just because they were Japanese. And Believe plays old school, fast, youth crewish hardcore. I'm not sure the best comparison, but it's pretty good.

You can buy this here for really cheap: Buy NOW!

1. Daylight
2. Questions Behind
3. Moral Hazard
4. Blood, Sweat and Tears
5. In An Agony
6. Mine
7. After The Collapse
8. Flag Day
9. At The Front
10. Grayed
11. Alive To
12. Hundreds of Justice, Hundreds of Contradictions
13. Boiling Point
14. Between Insistence and Sentence

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