Friday, July 6, 2012

Yarmulke - Self-Titled [2005]

Ah, Yarmulke. It's odd how Japanese bands will be together for so long, but have such a small output. Yarmulke sort of bucked the trend, but kind of not really. I first saw them in Kyoto at a show that I was attending to see Some It Air. I was up front (there were maybe 30 people there), and as soon as they started playing I hastily pulled my video camera out. Right off, their envy-influenced screamo was right up my alley.

It took them 3 more years to actually release their first EP. In that time, they'd released some demos, but this was really their first release. They funded it themselves, and I contacted them to get some copies for the distro. These 6 songs are the best that Yarmulke released, in my opinion. They worked on them for years and honed them to a fine perfection.

Here's one of the vid's from that show:

Yarmulke - Self-Titled
1. サチ
2. シータ
3. カラス
4. 字宙
5. 断絶
6. マワル

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